“ so my strength is now—for going out and coming in”

     – Joshua 14:11b

Church on the Rock
Hdqrtrs: Blantyre Malawi

I, on behalf of our pastors and churches in Malawi and Mozambique would like to thank the Lord for your Ministry. We would like to assure you that the conferences and seminars which you and Emily have had were very successful ones, and your coming has been a testimony of it’s own. We really thank you for teaching us the truth of the Word of God which you unfolded through your anointed teaching gift which lifted us up from faith to faith. the fruits have been seen by us and also our churches that now we are able to witness your teachings through our lives.

Bishop Cedric Whaya, Presiding Bishop and Founder
Church on the Rock, Malawi

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Agape Gospel Pentecost Church
Sorgin, Malawi, Central Africa

I am an overseer of more than 30 churches, 26 pastors and three senior pastors under the leadership of our presiding Bishop in Blantyre, Malawi, with churches in all three regions of Malawi and into Mozambique. My ministry also crosses over to other denominations with conferences and teachings. I want to recommend you both for ministry because our close fellowship and working together has had great impact on our Churches in Malawi. I and my wife (Eulfe), we highly welcome and appreciate your coming to Malawi over a number of years.Your ministry of the Word to us, out Pastors, leaders and Christians, who have attended and received your teachings, have made a great change in our families, Ministries, and Churches. I am one of the many leaders who have greatly benefited from your teachings on the Christian family, the Holy Spirit and the ministry gifts.

Your co-workers in the Lord
Rev. Maxwell and Elufe Chimwaza, Overseers

Arc of the World Life Center
Fort Collins, Colorado USA

I would like to acknowledge Duane and Emily Settle for their faithfulness to this ministry. they do a marvelous job of showing integrity in ministry and business. Thay have developed a very successful way of bringing back to us how God uses both of them mightily. They have poured into my life over and over. 

I thank God for Duane and Emily.

Pastor S. Luree Tatum
Ark of the Word, Fort Collins

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