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“ so my strength is now—for going out and coming in”

     – Joshua 14:11b

Duane & Emily (Davis) Settle grew up attending the First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). They both professed Jesus Christ as their personal savior at an early age.  Emily was born and raised in Fort Collins, CO. Duane was born in Amarillo, TX and grew up in Grand Junction, CO. Duane & Emily Settle from One Way MinistriesThey met at Colorado State University in 1965, where they were studying in science and were married in April of 1966. They moved to Denver in June 1966 when Duane took a position with Martin Marietta Aerospace. Their three daughters, Leslie, Kerri, and Dawn were born in Denver from late 1966 thru 1970. They returned to Fort Collins, in February 1971, when Duane accepted a position with Eastman Kodak in Windsor, CO.  Their two sons, Craig, deceased, and David were born in Fort Collins. They have been married 38 years and have six grandchildren.

A deeper and more intimate walk with the Lord which began in 1971 in Denver was hastened by the tragic death of their first son, Craig in October of 1973. This event changed their lives forever and culminated later that year in receiving the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. This one event was unique to them because the acceptance of the Holy Spirit happened seven years to the exact day they had become in engaged. God had already placed His Hand on them then. The events that took place after that tragedy were, to say the least, very different. In late November of that year, 1973 the Lord audibly spoke to Emily "you shall present Duane with another son", in the kitchen of their home. This hastened Duane and Emily’s search for more of God and His Word through a Bible study in a private home. Other events and ministries now began to affect their walk with God. They have been blessed for many years by the teachings, ministry, and friendship of several nationally known Bible teachers and their ministries.

Thirty years of walking in the spirit-filled life have taken them through many valleys and to many mountain tops. Duane is an alumnus of Christ for the Nations Institute, Dallas, TX and was ordained by FMC (Fellowship of Churches and Ministers) an association of CFNI. Duane and Emily are qualified instructors of the courses; "School of the Prophetic I & II" and "Discovering Your Potential" which they edited.

They also teach and share on personal prophecy and the Prophet, Holy Spirit gifts, husband and wife relationships and several other subjects.

They have traveled within the U.S. ministering in several churches and Para-church organizations. In 1993 Duane made his first trip to Zimbabwe to minister. He and Emily returned together in 1996 and this began their travels to much of South Central Africa, ministering in Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia and South Africa.  They are now fulfilling what they believe God has told them to do; "go and come, go and come to the people”, starting brush fires in the out-of-the-way places, teaching the leadership through conferences the Word of God.


Laying hands on the sickThey travel together under the anointing of God ministering effectively wherever they go.

They are blessed by Fathers House Ministries and Ark of the Word Faith Fellowship.

Doctor Eric and Katie Belcher are their mentors. Dr. Belcher serves as Vice Pres. Of Christ for the Nations (CFNI) Dallas, Texas  They have ministered in Mexico and in a prison ministry, Freedom Fellowship which ministers in state, national, and international prisons. They serve as the Missions directors for their church FHM.,


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